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Headhunting for high-end talents

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High-end talent headhunting recruitment norms: high-end talent headhunting recruitment cooperative service mode follows the AESC World Headhunting Association service guidelines, the implementation of strict and standardized headhunting project management, in accordance with the standardized business process. High-end talent headhunting recruitment fees: service fees for entrusted hunting talent's first annual salary income of 25%, the minimum fee is 30,000 yuan. When signing the agreement, one third of the service fee will be charged as a search Commission (to ensure the authenticity of the client's entrusted position and avoid stealing the intellectual property rights of the recommended person in the name of recruitment, and also to pay part of the search fee), and the payment will be settled after the person takes up his post. High-end talent headhunter recruitment guarantee period: the selected nominees will be provided with a one-year guarantee period, to ensure that the period on the non-enterprise shutdown, closure, project conversion, severe aggression against the legitimate rights and interests of the recommended person and other reasons for the formation of the recommended person to resign or be dismissed, will quickly supply qualified free of charge for this position. Candidates are recommended. Analysis of the Advantage of High-end Talent Headhunting Recruitment: The most commonly and most useful method of headhunting service, relatively reasonable cost to obtain the corresponding value of services. Whether in hunting and hiring timeliness, accuracy, or talent matching, there are better guarantees, together with a higher cost-effective. High-end talent headhunting recruitment applicable enterprises: suitable for enterprises with certain strength and scale, pay more attention to human resources construction of higher-level talent demand; through general ways or methods, it is difficult to find suitable talents of cold-door occupation or occupation; new projects, urgent demand for talent, high-demand enterprises. Compared with the low-cost informal headhunters (many companies claim that they do not have relevant qualifications and licenses, and the quality of service is difficult to guarantee), the success rate of high-end talent headhunters will be absolutely guaranteed. There is no need to worry about the ineffective response of the headhunters after paying the deposit. Five days to provide satisfactory resumes, ten days to organize customer interviews, 30 days to complete the project; the quality of the nominees is more in line with the requirements, each position selected resumes not less than 200, deepening exchanges not less than 30 people; together with customers do not have to work hard to carry out background inquiries, because talent has paid a lot of labor for this.

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