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High-end talent hunters

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1. High-end talent headhunting background inquiry: High-end talent headhunting service method: Ruibang headhunting company has a special scene inquiry department, which can accept customers'entrustment to conduct comprehensive scene inquiry and certificate judgment for relevant personnel and issue formal written reports. Scene inquiry uses telephone visits, online verification, on-site inquiries, expert judgments, authoritative organization certification, state organs inquiries and other methods to maximize the understanding of the real situation of the nominees. High-end talent headhunting fee standard: Scene query confirms service fee according to distance, project difficulty, time required, etc. It is generally RMB 5000-20000 per person, and special circumstances are discussed separately. Pay one time when signing the agreement. Advantage Analysis Talented Headhunter Scene Consultant Department has a very rich experience. Many people have worked in professional search organizations, doing things conscientiously, responsibly, comprehensive and meticulous, can ensure that the real situation of the nominee is presented to the client in an all-round way. Through the scene inquiry, the nominee will be more in-depth understanding and more accurate grasp, to prevent the loss and danger caused by the employer's fault, especially the moral hazard. High-end talent headhunters are suitable for enterprises: those enterprises that do not have relevant systems, no personnel inquiry ability or relevant channels and conditions; those enterprises that do not have time and energy to carry out tedious personnel inquiries. Ruibang is a professional high-end talent search company. It serves enterprises all over the Pearl River Delta. It provides high-end talent search services to enterprises in different regions and industries. The average search cycle is 15 days. If necessary, it can launch joint search by senior head search consultants all over the country at any time. Ruibang has accumulated tens of thousands of talented people, attaches great importance to talent reserve, many customers, and numerous successful cases of recommendation for middle and high-end positions. It is a headhunting company worth entrusting.

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