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Headhunting Service for High-end Talents

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The service method of the high-end talent headhunting service is to pay a high one-time commission, and get the service quality close to or even part of the goal is better than that of the ordinary headhunting project, and the overall cost is lower than that of the ordinary headhunting project. Strengthen pre-enterprise inspection, fully understand the actual situation and cultural atmosphere of enterprises, improve the accuracy of demand understanding. Establish professional teams to build up a special talent pool for customers in advance, ready for the talents needed for customer strategic adjustment at any time. This method requires at least three hunters. The guarantee period of high-end talent headhunting service will provide a one-year guarantee period for all the nominees who are recruited. In the guarantee period, the recommended person will quit or be dismissed for reasons other than shutdown of production, closure of business, project conversion and serious infringement on the legal rights and interests of the recommended person. The qualified personnel will be provided promptly and gratuitously for this position. Candidate and recommend for appointment. Advantage analysis, because of the deep understanding of each other, the accuracy of recommendation is very high; because of the professional team and dedicated talent pool, greatly improve the search power; business process is close to the general headhunting project, the role and guarantee is better than the general headhunting service. The average cost is lower than the general high-end talent headhunting service, which greatly saves the cost of introducing talents to customers, and at the same time, the relatively low cost achieves the same service quality as the standard headhunting service. During the cooperation period, customers will become the strategic partners of talent-savvvy and obtain long-term talent demand support.

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