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Headhunter Recommendation for High-end Talents

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High-end talent headhunters recommend suitable enterprises, first of all, enterprises that Ruibang headhunters and customers trust each other fully; secondly, enterprises with high-end talent recommendation positions or large numbers of people, such as multi-position visits of department managers or professional technicians of Newly-established companies; and enterprises with outstanding development momentum and long-term demand compensation. Many middle and senior talent enterprises and group companies. Advantage analysis of high-end talent headhunter recommendation because of their deep understanding of each other, the accuracy of the recommendation is very high; due to professional teams and a dedicated talent pool, greatly improve the efficiency of search; business processes close to common headhunter projects, the role and protection is better than ordinary headhunter services. The average cost is lower than the general headhunting service, which greatly saves the cost of introducing talents to customers, and at the same time, the relatively low cost achieves the same quality of service as the standard headhunting service. During the collaboration period, customers will become strategic partners of talented people and obtain long-term support for talent demand. High-end talent headhunters recommend Ruibang headhunters horizontally compared with long-term cooperation of some headhunting companies, because of higher commission fees, service quality is more assured; the relative cost standards may be lower; can become a strategic partner recommended by high-end talent headhunters in Ruibang, preferential access to high-end talent headhunters in Ruibang. Recommended Comprehensive Solutions for Enterprise Autonomy and Anti-headhunting System Construction and Long-term Technical Support for Human Resources

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