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Talent Recruitment Company

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Directional angle-digging mode of talent recruitment company: the service method of talent recruitment company is based on customer requirements and designated specific candidates. Senior consultants of Ruibang headhunter choose professional methods and orientate their pre-appointed candidates for their own use. Specific operation process refers to standard headhunter business process. The standard service fee of talent recruitment company is 30% of the first year salary income of talent digging, and the minimum fee is RMB 30,000. When signing the agreement, one-third of the service fee will be charged as corner digging Commission (to ensure the authenticity of the client's entrusted position and prevent the stealing of the intellectual property rights of the corner Diggers in the name of recruitment, as well as to pay part of the corner digging fee). Talents will be paid off after taking up their posts. The recruitment company has no guarantee period because it chooses the person recommended by the directional digging angle as the customer specified beforehand. But Ruibang headhunters will continue to provide a series of follow-up services, including training and teaching, salary system planning, civilized shaping and improvement. The advantages of talent recruitment companies are analyzed. The quick and efficient talent hunted will directly bring about economic benefits, while preventing direct conflicts between customers and competitors. Ruibang headhunter grasps a large number of key personages in leading enterprises in various industries, and digs corners efficiently and accurately. It has good reputation and professional pressure skills in the industry, which improves the success rate of digging corners, and also prevents the embarrassment of negotiating treatment among acquaintances. Talent recruitment companies are suitable for enterprises with normative management, merit-based appointment, good prospects for development, clear candidates'objectives but no relevant access or direct digging; enterprises with special bias in providing products or services; and enterprises without projects that violate social morality or will result in loss of life and injury of corner-digging enterprises. Compared with other headhunting services, talent recruitment companies have high accuracy and adaptability. Directional angle-digging talent often integrates into the environment agilely and directly produces economic benefits when they come to new enterprises, and some of them make great contributions to customers. But narrow-faced people are congenitally inadequate.

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