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Head-hunting company

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Headhunters are very different from simple intermediaries. Headhunting companies do not charge individuals, intermediary companies who need to charge for whom, individuals who want to find work on the individual fees, enterprises find people on the enterprise fees, do a relatively low level; headhunting companies are charged to enterprises. If you charge an individual, it's certainly not a headhunter, but an intermediary. Headhunting companies need to provide consultancy services for talent evaluation, investigation and communication assistance; intermediaries are often very simple matching. Headhunter fees are high, while intermediary service fees are often low. Headhunters are mainly active in seeking talents, and intermediaries are mostly matched in existing resources. In addition, intermediaries serve more job seekers, while headhunters serve more talented people with strong ability and good professional ethics. As a person, they should have a sense of social responsibility. They may have more opportunities and better personal development. Ruibang Headhunting Company specializes in providing headhunting services, human resources consulting, high-end talent headhunting mainly serves the high-end areas of new energy, real estate, manufacturing, medicine, IT, etc. Its customers cover the top 500 companies in the world, listed companies at home and abroad, and outstanding private enterprises in China, and it successfully recommends mid-and high-end talents for all kinds of enterprises. Ruibang headhunting company has a number of senior headhunting consultants, service enterprises throughout the Pearl River Delta, sub-regional, sub-industry to provide high-end talent search services for enterprises, an average search cycle of 15 days, if necessary, you can launch a national senior headhunting consultants to start joint hunting. Ruibang Headhunting Company, a well-known headhunting company in the industry, is dedicated to providing high-quality, all-round high-end talent solutions for enterprises. Ruibang has a number of senior headhunting consultants, serving enterprises throughout the Pearl River Delta, providing high-end talent search services to enterprises in different regions and industries, with an average search cycle of 15 days, if necessary. At any time, senior head-hunting consultants nationwide will be mobilized to launch joint hunting. Ruibang has accumulated tens of thousands of talented people, attaches great importance to talent reserve, many customers, and numerous successful cases of recommendation for middle and high-end positions. It is a headhunting company worth entrusting.

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