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Artificial Intelligence Headhunting Company

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Artificial Intelligence Headhunting Company Service: The basic business process is more refined than standard headhunting project, greatly improving the quality and standard of service in the specific operation process, and providing a longer guarantee period. However, due to adherence to the quality of service, service cycle will be slightly longer. The fee standard of AI headhunting company: The service fee is 30% of the first annual salary income of entrusted headhunters, and the minimum fee is RMB 50,000. When signing the agreement, one third of the service fee will be charged as a search Commission (to ensure the authenticity of the client's entrusted position and prevent the stealing of the intellectual property rights of the recommended person in the name of recruitment, as well as to pay part of the search fee), and the payment will be settled after the talent takes up his post. Artificial Intelligence Headhunting Company Guarantee Period: A one-year guarantee period will be provided for the recruited candidate Ruibang Headhunter. In the guarantee period, the qualified person will be provided quickly and gratuitously for the position if the recommended person leaves or is dismissed for reasons other than enterprise shutdown, closure of business, project conversion and serious infringement on the legal rights and interests of the recommended person. Select and recommend to the post. Advantage Analysis of Artificial Intelligence Headhunting Company: Because of the optimization of project process, the quality and standard of service are greatly improved, and candidates are more accurate and adaptable. Experienced senior headhunting consultants as project managers, a strong team of external experts to support, to maximize the quality of service. The guarantee period of up to one year makes the enterprise more secure in employing persons, and makes a thorough and comprehensive combination of personnel investigation, which greatly reduces the risk of employing persons. Artificial intelligence headhunting company is suitable for enterprises which attach great importance to human resources construction, talent quality and fully realize the concept of high quality and high price; enterprises that need to hunt for talents with key positions. Ruibang AI headhunting company has higher quality, better security and better service than standard headhunting company. More attention should be paid to the pre-enterprise investigation, fully understand the actual situation and cultural atmosphere of the enterprise, improve the accuracy of understanding the needs; use special search channels to find the talents needed by the enterprise in the shortest time; experienced senior headhunting consultants as project managers, strong external expert team support; guarantee period; It is extended to one year to increase the employee security of enterprises, and the background survey uses a perfect combination model to maximize the real situation of candidates.

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