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Headhunting in Internet Industry

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Internet industry headhunting refers to the consulting company that provides professional services for the human resource needs of enterprises in the Internet industry. Headhunting companies in the Internet industry focus on the recruitment of high-end talents in the Internet industry. The industry has a high degree of depth, understanding the development of the industry and a high degree of professionalism. They are often more capable and efficient than comprehensive headhunting services. At present, professional Internet headhunting companies in the industry started late in China, but developed rapidly, became more professional and dedicated in service, with high efficiency, good accuracy and stability of recommendation personnel, rich contacts, Internet industry headhunters themselves engaged in Internet development and human resources and other experience, which will greatly help service. Help. The distribution is not uniform, basically distributed in first-tier cities such as Guangzhou and Shenzhen in the north, and relatively low-key. In recent years, the headhunting service industry in the Internet industry has been chaotic, many cross-industry headhunters have dyed the Internet industry, and now the Internet e-commerce enterprises blindly cooperate in large quantities with dozens of headhunters at the same time, making the industry good and bad, very chaotic. Internet industry headhunting for employers, can enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Internet industry headhunters effectively equip human resources by means of shopping malls, which plays a very important role in dealing with the contradiction between supply and demand of enterprise talents, and also promotes the innovation of human resources management function. Although the Internet industry headhunting started late, only a few years, but the level of specialization is impressive, such companies are the level of some large-brand foreign headhunting companies can not surpass. The key lies in the special environment of the operation of domestic Internet enterprises, which results in the characteristics of talent values and human resource flow. It is difficult for foreign personnel to grasp and understand this. This is better than the Ruibang Internet Industry Headhunting Company, which has the professional background of the industry and some personal relationships in China.

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