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Human Resources Management

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Human resources management company is a company specializing in providing third-party human resources services. For example, the enterprise has some human resources problems or business can find human resources service company to collaborate or solve, it is different from the intermediary. Human resource management company refers to a third party company that provides professional services for outsourcing human resource management services. The main business contents are as follows: labor outsourcing and dispatch; agency recruitment or headhunting services; agency labor contact processing, as well as agency social security and reserve fund affairs; labor personnel file processing; training and internal and external curriculum system; human resources trend analysis and salary report; other human resources management related matters. Acting manager. It should be noted that the scope of business of human resources management companies involving human resources recruitment, labor dispatch, headhunter dispatch, labor outsourcing and other personnel intermediary services, need to go to the Municipal People's Social Bureau to deal with the "talent intermediary service license" or "labor dispatch license", get the pre-approval procedures before dealing with industry and commerce. Business license. Generally do not touch the personnel intermediary services, do not need to deal with qualifications in advance. The fundamental difference between human resource management companies and labor intermediaries is that labor relations are formed between human resource companies and workers, while labor intermediaries mainly provide labor information services to employing enterprises and workers, and charge certain labor intermediary fees.

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