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The 21st century is a century of globalization, marketization and informationization. It is a century dominated by common sense. Under the new economic conditions, the human resource management of enterprises will inevitably change accordingly. Therefore, the enterprise human resource management system will be built on the computer network platform, forming a new mode of human resource management.

Human resource management refers to the process of using scientific methods to coordinate the relationship between people and people, to deal with the contradictions between people and people, to give full play to the potential of people, to employ talents according to their abilities, to make things suitable for people and personnel, in order to achieve the goal of arrangement.

Since the 20th century, the concept of human resource management has been explained from different aspects at home and abroad, which can be divided into four categories:

The first thing is to explain its significance from the intention of human resources management, thinking that it achieves its goal by means of the management of human resources.

The first is to explain the process or function of human resources management, and regard human resources as an activity process.

3. First of all, it explains the entity of human resource management, thinking that it is human-related norms, guidelines and so on.

4. Start from the intention, process and other aspects to summarize and explain.

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