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Ruibang Headhunting Consultant

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Ruibang Headhunting Consultant is a human resource service organization which specializes in providing high-level and middle-level job recruitment and related consulting services for clients. The 21st century is a century of globalization, marketization and informatization, and a century of knowledge manipulation. Under the new economic conditions, the human resources management of enterprises must change accordingly. Therefore, the enterprise human resource management system will be constructed on the Internet computer network platform, forming a new human resource management model. Human resource consulting management is a new subject, which appeared in the late 1970s. Although the history of human resources consulting management is not long, the idea of human resources consulting management has a long history. From time to time, from the end of the eighteenth century to the seventies of the twentieth century, the industrial revolution was called the traditional stage of personnel management. Since the late 1970s, personnel management has given way to human resources consulting management.