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personnel assessment

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The main task of talent assessment tool is to understand the subjects through various methods, so as to provide reference and basis for human resource management decision-making of enterprise organizations. Help customers to select suitable candidates and systematically reduce the risk of incorrect employment for employers. One of the functions of talent evaluation is appraisal function, which is the most direct function of talent evaluation. Appraisal refers to the identification and evaluation of people's psychological quality, ability quality, moral quality and work performance. Because of the comprehensive use of a variety of scientific methods and techniques in talent assessment, it can make more objective and accurate appraisal of the examinees according to the purpose and requirements of talent assessment, and express the structure of appraisal in a quantitative or qualitative way. The realization of the appraisal function of talent assessment depends on the scientificity of talent assessment tools, the standardization of the implementation process of talent assessment and the appropriateness of the appraisal criteria, which are the necessary conditions for the realization of the appraisal function of talent assessment.

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