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Talent leasing

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Headhunting service organizations sign talent lease agreements and talent dispatch contracts with employers and dispatched personnel respectively to standardize the rights and obligations of the three parties during the lease period. During the lease period, there is no personnel subordination relationship between employers and leased personnel. The relationship between the employing unit and the talent leasing service institution is labor service relationship; the relationship between the leased person and the talent leasing institution is labor relationship, and the relationship between the employing unit and the employing unit is paid use relationship. The most direct advantage of talent leasing for enterprises is the convenient personnel management and the development of talent leasing service. The purpose is to improve the employer's labor and personnel management. Enterprises "employ people regardless of people", outsourcing of talent management and specialized outsourcing of talent leasing service are more suitable for the transformation and development of enterprises. And it can also transfer enterprise risks: the employer and the talent rental service organization sign the talent rental agreement, clarify the talent standard, number, treatment, etc., through the talent rental service organization recruitment, screening, evaluation, the list of candidates to the employer, the employer to determine the candidates. Talent leasing service institutions sign labor contracts with the leasing personnel and go through relevant formalities. After the leasing personnel take office in the employing unit, according to the performance of the leasing personnel provided by the employing unit, the talent leasing service institutions pay salaries, the leasing period expires, and the talent leasing service institutions renew or terminate the contract with the employing unit. For enterprises, the procedures are simple, effective, less risk, and more standardized.

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