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Business management

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Guangzhou Ruibang International Human Resources Management Services Co., Ltd. specializes in providing business management services and professional career intermediary services; organizing medical staff to carry out diagnosis and treatment services in legitimate medical institutions; collecting, collating, storing and publishing talent supply and demand information; talent recommendation; talent recruitment; talent evaluation; talent leasing; talent career selection consultation refers to. Guidance; Personnel Agency; Talents Information Network Service; Talents Introduction; College Students Employment Recommendation; Mobile Personnel Personnel Files and Related Personnel Administration Relations Management; Vocational Information Service; Collection, collation, storage and distribution of talents, vocational supply and demand information; Career introduction; Career guidance; Dispatching various types of labor personnel (excluding seafarers) to overseas countries; Foreign labor service cooperation; Overseas employment intermediary service; Enterprise headquarters management; Contact General Club business; Hotel management; Catering management; Enterprise management consulting service; Enterprise image planning service; Education consulting service; Culture and art consulting service; Sports consulting service; Public relations service; Planning creative service; Market research service; Commodity information consulting service Services; marketing planning services; information consultation services for entrepreneurship and investment projects for overseas students; psychological consultation services (excluding medical psychological consultation, medical psychological training, medical psychological counseling and other medical behaviors); information consultation services for social welfare undertakings; human resources outsourcing; business process outsourcing; labor services contracting; acceptance commission To engage in labor outsourcing services; to engage in functional management services and project management services as well as human resources services and management in the form of service outsourcing;

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