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Headhunter's Fee Rules

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Headhunting service industry analysis headhunting company's charging rules: We know that headhunting service companies mainly aim at the enterprise to provide more excellent executives to obtain services, so it is very met with the needs of enterprises, and then very good to promote the prosperity of headhunting companies, then headhunting service company's charging standards are as follows: Which ones? Listen to a professional analysis. How to let headhunting companies find that you, headhunting companies and general intermediary companies charge different fees, headhunting companies mainly attract more high-quality management personnel for enterprises, and intermediary service companies are more for more staff services, so the nature of the decision headhunting companies. The fee is for the enterprise, and the intermediary service is for the individual, so the headhunting company fee standard is much higher than the intermediary company fee. Second, different forms of companies charge different fees. There are three different types of Companies in the headhunting industry chain, so there are obvious differences in the way of charging. Some are process fees, more consultancy services, etc. The staff has not been hired yet, but the expenses are quite a few, such as pyramid tips; the other is according to the results of the fees, such as the golden headhunting belongs to. In this category, service fees are charged after high-tech talents take up their posts; in addition, it is a RPO mode of mid-low-end batch recruitment, and the fees are usually charged within the salary range of January to February. 3. Fees are charged according to the position level.

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