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What qualifications do headhunting Consultant need to bring with them to achieve excellence?

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What qualifications do headhunting Consultant  need to bring with them to achieve excellence?First of all, a top headhunting consultant will do everything possible to establish links with high-quality talent. Talent search is the basic skill of headhunters, but it is often the watershed between top consultants and junior headhunters. Top consultants never use the number of talent pools as a flaunting asset, while junior headhunters use the amount of resumes as a knocking block for BD. Top headhunter consultants can map and provide interviews in a short time from scratch, while junior headhunter consultants can only search for resumes. Top search consultants are proud of their search skills. They regard Cold Call as an art and treasure all kinds of channels, while junior search consultants hold only ready-made information. Professional head-hunting consultants generally have outstanding experience in personnel management, providing guidance for human resources development for enterprises, providing candidates with the true situation and candidates for Frank exchanges, rich experience, or engaged in higher positions, in order to provide valuable opinions. Professional headhunting consultants strictly abide by professional norms and ethics, with excellent communication skills and skills, accurate and comprehensive understanding of the real needs of customers. Some headhunting consultants also have a deeper knowledge of psychology and interpersonal relationships. This kind of professional service is recognized by many enterprises in terms of personnel quality and recruitment cost. Headhunting consultants have high threshold, keen vision, rich sales and customer management experience, excellent communication skills and broad interpersonal network. Most of the main managers of headhunting companies are headhunting consultants, and some are HR. They are directly from the enterprise to create their own headhunting companies. A good head-hunting consultant should have rich experience, high positions in many enterprises, or outstanding background in personnel management, be able to provide career development guidance and interview guidance, and be able to bridge the gap between enterprises and talents, playing a better coordinating role. Head-hunting consultants are entrusted by customers to find talents, not only to touch the top level of customers, but also to touch a lot of senior and middle-level professionals. This requires that they have a professional knowledge of customer locations, as well as a more sophisticated view of human resources and enterprise management. With the development of headhunting profession, headhunting consultants are no longer just for fixed groups of people. The emergence of online headhunting platform enables more professionals to participate in the work of headhunting consultants, which is also part-time headhunting consultants. These people are not only HR and headhunting company staff, but also ordinary white-collar workers. They recommend their work for friends and partners on the platform of Youxian. They are given the status of professional staff on the platform. When the recommended talents are invited for an interview with the company, these career staff members can recover the referral pay, which is also the return as part-time headhunters.

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