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The professionalism of headhunting service process decides whether to successfully hunt the key tale

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The professionalism of headhunting service process decides whether to successfully hunt the key talents they need. Headhunting service process 1. Analysis of customer needs: Full and effective communication with customers to understand customer's corporate culture, history, products, management style. We also analyze the vacant position with our clients, and reach a consensus on its responsibilities, experience, treatment, reporting relationship and types of candidates. Headhunter service process 2. Develop job requirements and search: After a comprehensive analysis of customer needs, we will submit a written job requirements description, and on this basis, use our huge talent pool, the relationship network with relevant institutions and people in various industries, and carry out specialized skills with each potential candidate. Skillful contact. At the same time, the job advertisement is published on our website anonymously. Headhunting service process 3, screening candidates: analysis of all the candidates'information, including candidates' job status, turnover possibility, salary and so on. Select candidates who basically meet the requirements and arrange for the first interview. Headhunting service process 4. Interview and evaluation of candidates: First interview for candidates, mainly on the candidates'personality, ability, professional and technical knowledge, job performance, strengths and weaknesses. On this basis, a comprehensive evaluation report of candidates is prepared. Headhunting service process 5. Assist clients in interviewing candidates: Provide comprehensive information of the assessed candidates to clients, arrange candidates to meet with customers according to their requirements, collect feedback from customers and candidates, and assist both sides to communicate effectively on specific employment conditions. Headhunting Service Process 6. Background Survey: After customers express their satisfaction with the candidates, we will learn about the candidates'personal qualities, human characteristics, work habits and other information from their colleagues and former supervisors, and provide customers with reference. Headhunting service process 7. Consulting and follow-up service: Provide personnel consultation and help to the candidate who is hired to resign, maintain continuous contact with customers, help both sides to solve the difficulties and obstacles that may be encountered during the probation period, ensure the success of the candidate's probation, and achieve satisfactory results.

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