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Understanding rubang

Guangzhou bond international human resource management service co., LTD has the legal qualification, the specialty is engaged in the senior talents headhunting service human resources service organization. Bond international has excellent professional team, mainly comes from the famous multinational companies, private companies, foreign investment consulting the high-level professional managers, senior professional backbone of the enterprise and human resource management experts. Team members working on the development trend of each big industry and the talent environment, professional quality and cooperated skill learning and exploring, enhance the degree of specialization of the company. Rui bond international adhering to the "service enterprises, service talent" business philosophy, in line with the "rapid response, accurate positioning, professional action" style of work, rely on the rich search of actual combat experience, the huge high-end talent database, networks of contacts, provides the high quality customized for clients, and the cooperated service personnel. Red nations international service in new energy, real estate, manufacturing, high-end fields such as medicine, IT, customer, covering the world top 500, listed companies at home and abroad, China's outstanding private enterprises, for all kinds of recommendation of high-end talent of the enterprise.